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Luxury Haircare Imbued with the Spirit of Japan

As the water falls, a quiet moment alone, the spirit refreshed.

Beautiful and vibrant hair begins with you - with your hair’s natural luster, bounce, and firmness. This natural beauty is dulled over the course of life as various lifestyle habits, including the use of hair coloring and bleach as well as post-bath toweling and brushing, and even natural elements such as the sun’s UV rays inevitably cause damage to your hair.

To regain and maintain your lost luster, bounce, and firmness, preserve a healthy scalp, and suffuse your hair with the necessary moisture and nutrients, mindful care of your cuticles is essential.

It is in our uncompromising pursuit of this ideal hair care that we have developed a line of products tailor-made to bring you the healthy, beautiful hair you desire. HIKOTA offers you meaningful and luxurious hair care that gently complements your lifestyle.

who we are

A Boutique Beauty Distributor From the Heart of Japan

HIKOTA Co., Ltd has been doing business in the Japanese professional beauty industry for over 75 years. We distribute beauty products including, but not limited to, haircare products, hair color products, and scissors exclusively to hairdressers. Through our experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about best-in-class haircare products.


To provide people around the world with health, happiness, and deep satisfaction

We have a strong passion for you to have beautiful hair through the creation of top quality, functional, and luxurious hair care products. Beautiful hair that is soft and full with a healthy shine brings richness to daily life. Through the development of such inspired, mindful products, we strive to contribute to a happier, more prosperous, more sustainable society.

For A Better Lifestyle

Be kind to the planet

From manufacturing and distribution down to how we source and recycle our packaging, we put environmental sustainability at the very core of our business. 

For you, our valued customers, we will continue to create products that, from concept to fruition, bring fulfillment to body and soul and deliver moments of deep satisfaction to your daily lifestyle, without compromise. That is the HIKOTA promise and the standard to which we hold ourselves and our products.



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