Instructions for Use

Instructions for use

Unlike many conventional shampoos, our formula uses an abundance of natural ingredients that requires a specific washing method to achieve its optimal effects:

four steps to use this shampoo

Step 1: Pre-wash

Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water to remove any dirt or particulates.

Note: The amino acids we use to protect your hair and scalp have a lower detergency strength than typical shampoos, so you may need to pre-wash your hair for longer than you would with other brands in order to achieve the desired effect.

Step 2: Wash your scalp

Apply about 2-4 mL (about ½
tsp) of shampoo to your hair,
ensuring that it reaches your
scalp. Lather and massage
your scalp, then rinse.

Note: In the event of step2 that foaming does not occur while lathering,apply another 2-4mL of shampoo to your hair and repeat.

Step 3: Treatment

Apply another 2-4 mL of
shampoo to your hair and
distribute thoroughly, ensuring
that it is lathered to a foam and
coats your hair completely.
Without rinsing, comb your
hair from root to tip, then let
the formula rest in your hair for
approximately 5 minutes.

Step 4: Final rinse

Completely rinse your scalp and
roots while lightly rinsing the
ends of your hair for maximum

As a two-in-one cleansing hair treatment, this product does not require the additional use of conditioner. However, if you feel your ends are particularly damaged, please supplement as you see fit